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The World's Finest Line of Ritchey-Chretien Telescopes

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PC-TCS Controller
PC-TCS is a Personal Computer based Telescope Control System designed for use with moderate to large permanently mounted  astronomical telescopes. The software will run on all IBM-class computers.

PC-TCS provides the observer with a highly flexible battery of motion control functions handsomely matching the demands of astronomical observing. As much as possible, system complexity is minimized by the use of a "Menu Driven" user interface that, in most cases, requires only single keystrokes to make the telescope perform complex tasks.
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And all PC-TCS-controlled OGS telescope systems will script with the integration of this ASCOM compliant operating system. 
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Optical System
Primary Diameter 14.5"
Specular Precision 1/25, or better, wave front RMS  
Mirror Substrate Near-zero expansion ceramic
Focal Ratio f/7.9
Image Scale 49.9 arc sec/mm
Tube Diameter 18"
Tube Length 40"
Tube Active Cooling 12 V DC fans
Material Magnesium 
Focuser Tube I.D. 2.7"
Available Back Focus 9"
Secondary Diameter 5.5"
Sec. Focus Range (electric standard)  5"
Focus Stabilization, w. Al tube Invar 36

(not shown)

HP-75 German Eq.
Aux. Instrument Cap. 55 lbs.
Tracking Precision <2 arc sec RMS (after modeling)
Pointing Precision <30 arc sec RMS (after modeling)
R. A. Drive 11.3" 360 tooth worm gear & ball bearing worm
DEC Drive 14" tangent arm (12VDC Drive)
Shafts 3.0" (75mm at bearing ends)
Motors 115VAC Synchronous
Axis Intersection 66" from base of pier (at 40)
Weight (system) 345 lbs.
R. A. Counterweights 2 x 30 lbs.
Pier 42" high, typically (custom heights available)
Fasteners 18-8 stainless steel
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