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PC-TCS Controller
PC-TCS is a Personal Computer based Telescope Control System designed for use with moderate to large permanently mounted  astronomical telescopes. The software will run on all IBM-class computers.

PC-TCS provides the observer with a highly flexible battery of motion control functions handsomely matching the demands of astronomical observing. As much as possible, system complexity is minimized by the use of a "Menu Driven" user interface that, in most cases, requires only single keystrokes to make the telescope perform complex tasks.
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And all PC-TCS-controlled OGS telescope systems will script with the integration of this ASCOM compliant operating system. 
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Optical System
Primary Diameter 10"
Specular Precision 1/25, or better, wave front RMS  
Mirror Substrate Near-zero expansion ceramic
Focal Ratio f/9.0
Image Scale 90 arc sec/mm
Tube Diameter 12"
Tube Length 31"
Tube Active Cooling 12 V DC fans
Material Thin-walled Al/Mg
Focuser Tube I.D. 2.7"
Available Back Focus 9.5"
Secondary Diameter 4"
Sec. Focus Range (electric standard)  5"
Focus Stabilization, w. Al tube Invar 36


OGS-50 German Eq.
Aux. Instrument Cap. 25 lbs.
Tracking Precision <3 arc sec RMS (after modeling)
Pointing Precision <30 arc sec RMS (after modeling)
R. A. Drive 7" 360 tooth worm gear & ball bearing worm
DEC Drive 7" 360 tooth worm gear & ball bearing worm
Shafts 2.0" (50mm at bearing ends)
Motors Five-phase nano-step or servo
Axis Intersection 54" from base of pier (at 40)
Weight (system) 150 lbs.
R. A. Counterweights 1 x 30 lbs.
Pier 42" high, typically (custom heights available)
Fasteners 18-8 stainless steel
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